Freelance Mediation

Freelance Mediation

ProCompa has been working with freelancers (ZZP'ers) for a long time and has built a large network over time. This is due to the transparency and communication we offer to both the client and the freelancer. Additionally, we pay within 7 days and handle part of the administrative tasks, allowing them to focus on their work.

Hiring freelancers (ZZP'ers) offers flexibility for your company. This way, you can use temporary staff for either short-term or long-term needs without any administrative obligations. For your company, only operational tasks on the work floor remain, and everything else, such as payroll or personnel administration, becomes our responsibility. By hiring freelancers, you are not tied to permanent staff or financial risks.

Benefits of Freelance Mediation

  • No permanent staff, so flexibility
  • Hiring for short and long term
  • No financial risk
  • Focus on core business
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